Trusted Cloud Computing

NDCoin uses proven cryptocurrency
technology to provide trustable distributed- consensus-based, scalable, peer-to-peer network solutions for distributed computing
​for both ordinary and non-deterministic
(randomized search) computations.

Nondeterministic Distributed Computing

NDCoin uses revolutionary Cryptocurrency Technology to Allow Nondeterministic Computations to be securely contracted out to a worldwide distributed cloud 


Sure, there are scalable grid computing services already offered by companies like Google and Amazon. But, do you really want to entrust your mission-critical code and data to a single monolithic corporation? The NDCoin (the Nondeterministic Distributed Computing cryptocoin) provides an open solution to allow your demanding computational tasks to run with total security on a global public network.  We leverage cutting-edge tools such as blockchain-based Distributed Ledger Consensus (DLC), Smart Contracts (SCs), Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE), Indistinguishability Obfuscation (IO), and Succinct Computational Integrity and Privacy (SCIP) to provide a distributed computing platform that will be:

  • Fraud-Proof - The DLC and SC technologies, borrowed from the cryptocurrency world, ensure that it is completely impossible for either the user or provider of distributed computing services to default or defraud the other in any way.
  • Accessible - Because of the technology's trust-free security model, there is an extremely low barrier of entry for new parties to join the network - either as providers or users.  There is no need to build up trust or a reputation before providing or using services.
  • Fast-Growing - Due to its accessibility, the network will be extremely fast-growing.  Witness the fact that the computational power of the Bitcoin network has grown steadily at a rate of 100x (10,000%) per year over the past four years.
  • Robust and Survivable - Because it will be distributed over thousands of nodes all over the world, our network will be virtually immune from disruption by any local or regional disasters.
  • Private and Secure - The FHE and IO techniques ensure that user data and code, respectively, cannot be inspected or stolen, despite the fact that they are running on a public network.
  • Reliable and Verifiable - SCIP technology provides a short mathematical proof that computations were run exactly as intended; this is quickly and automatically verified by the network, ensuring that computations are incorruptible, and only correct results are returned.
  • Anonymous - As in other cryptocurrency-based systems, neither users nor worker (miner) nodes need identify themselves or their locations in order for transactions to be successfully carried out. 

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