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The Promise of Crypto

Article about the vision behind NDcoin.

Nomicoin draft white paper

Another cryptocurrency-based concept under development.  Nomicoin is a cryptocoin with an automatically self-amending rule base.  It can be reshaped by its own user community.

Introduction to NDcoin

Read our working draft whitepaper about NDcoin, currently in progress.

Relevant Reading

NDcoin was conceived by a group of technology visionaries who see the revolutionary distributed consensus technologies behind cryptocurrencies as having potential to become a new organizing principle for civilization, one that is transparent, open, and fair, and that creates new freedoms and opportunities for humanity.  We see NDcoin as being just the first early, experimental stage in this evolution.  A global market for distributed computing resources will help distribute wealth globally while solving important scientific problems. Later, we envision entire new legal and political frameworks, and new sovereign constitutional entities (virtual nations) forming around the key concepts of community consensus that lie at the core of cryptocurrency technology.  We envision a future civilization that will be incorruptible because it will be based on mathematical, cryptographic proofs of widespread community consensus rather than on trust in corruptible human hierarchies.

NDCoin Project - Trustable Distributed Computing is under construction.

Under Construction



Under Construction.

Under Construction

Under Construction?

Under construction.  NDCoin Project - Trustable Distributed Computing is under construction.